How is this different from all the other energy shots?

Both in what goes in it and what comes out of it. What goes in is simply guarana, fruit juice, natural flavors, and a pinch of salt. No glutens, no GMO’s, no preservatives, nothing artificial, nothing you can’t spell or pronounce or understand. And what comes out of it is naturally smoooth energy. Both spikeless and crashless.

No GMO’s or added sugars or preservatives or any of that stuff?


Is it vegan/gluten-free/fat-free?

Yes/yes/yes/yes. Yes, that’s one too many yeses.

Define “smoooth energy”.

Not a question, but we understand. As you can tell from the 3 ‘o’s in smoooth, it’s a different kind of energy. It’s not the typical jolt-you-into-jitterland and crash-you-into-your-cubicle energy shot. Smoooth energy is subtle and sustained. Like riding in the back of a pedi-cab on a cloud.

How does it work?

Well, we’re not evolutionary biologists or analytical chemists, buuut if you’ll allow us to put our scientist hat on quickly… [adjusts brim]… Caffeine from the Guarana seed seems to be uniquely suited to us. (Humans who are tired and still have to go to work every Monday) Unlike most other energy drinks, including coffee, the feeling that most people describe with GO BIG is a steady, smoooth, prolonged lift in energy. But, if you want to read actual scientists writing on the subject, enjoy. [tips cap foppishly]

How much energy is in a bottle?

Nobody will ever be able to tell you how many hours of energy an energy shot will give you. Not even an “[insert number here] hour energy” shot. ;) It entirely depends on you. What you weigh (you’re perfect), what you’ve eaten (we won’t tell), and when you drink it. But, it’s enough. 200 mg of caffeine to be precise. Try half a bottle at first and go from there.

But why does it taste good?

Because, as we found out, energy shots don’t have to have that weird taste/after-taste. I know, right!? That weird bitterness in other drinks might be from chemicals. Or the wrong type of guarana. Or a preservative (or 6,000 of them). GO BIG’s yum comes from a little bit of fruit juice. That’s it.

What should I do on my coffee break?

Great question. In a word—anything. Welcome to the world not beholden to coffee! It’s glorious. Go for a walk. Go for a swim. Go for a skip. Enjoy yourself out there.

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