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Incredible energy from guarana


Superfruits + botanicals for wellness benefits

Incredible energy from guarana

Superfruits + botanicals for wellness benefits

Meet guarana

Our incredible energy comes from guarana seed, a nootropic plant used for centuries by Amazonian warriors for sustained energy and focus.

Verified Reviews

Fatigue is a real issue during long shifts at the hospital. Not only does this energy shot help me stay awake, it allows me to give my best to all of my patients. Life saver!
GO BIG review from Eleanor
Eleanor M.
I've been into nootropics for a while. Guarana is the best nootropic I've found. GO BIG makes it actually tasty.
GO BIG review from Todd
Todd OB
I wake up super early for crew practice at college. GO BIG is a key part of my routine! The natural energy boost is so much better than the junk-filled energy supplements I used to take.
GO BIG review from Ellie
Ellie L.
I use GO BIG as both my pre-workout AND my pre-work, and let me tell you - I didn't think you could have something this healthy be this effective!
GO BIG review from Suv
Suv B.
GO BIG gets me right into flow state. It's my secret yogi weapon that's not so secret because I share it with all of my students :)
GO BIG review from Mari
Mari A.

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