5 Reasons to Try GO BIG Energy + Wellness Shots

By Mackenzie O’Leary

It’s never been more important to stay healthy while juggling the daily demands of life. As I got older, I wanted to do more everyday but just didn’t have the energy. Coffee wasn’t cutting it. Energy drinks had too many artificial ingredients I didn’t want in my body. That’s when I discovered this all natural energy shot called GO BIG. Here’s why you should give GO BIG a shot.

1. It's energy + wellness in one mighty shot

GO BIG pairs smooth, long-lasting energy from guarana seed with superfruit blends to create a lift you’ll feel good about. Imagine a time-released energy capsule - no spikes, no dips. The energy comes from guarana, a plant used for centuries by Amazonian warriors for sustained energy and focus. The immunity boost is a huge plus.

2. The ingredients are all natural with immunity benefits

Finally, an effective energy drink without the chemicals, with superfruits known to boost immunity. The ingredient list is simple - guarana seed, fruit juice blend, natural flavors, and pink Himalayan salt. The team went through 100+ formulations to get it just right. There’s no added sugar, nothing artificial ever.

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3. It boosts your body AND mind

GO BIG is great pre-work or pre-workout. Not only does it provide smooth energy, but it has ingredients scientifically proven to improve your focus and memory. It's all thanks to the superior energy of guarana.

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4. Experts who try GO BIG really like it

GO BIG is the go-to for people looking for a natural boost that actually works. They have been featured in publications like The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and Yahoo! Their prelaunch generated a waitlist of over 20,000 people.

5. The founders drink GO BIG daily

Vivi and Ben founded GO BIG to empower people with energy so they could do big things. Vivi uses it to jumpstart her mornings with her son before work, while Ben never starts his 6am CrossFit workouts without a shot.

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